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Harnessing a diverse workforce

People bring their varied experiences to our company. This diversity of perspective reflects the markets we serve, helps us innovate, enhances the service we provide and ultimately improves our performance. We believe that, to succeed, we need to be open to new ways of thinking and that our people need to feel included.

As a Group with a strong focus on agriculture, we look to the natural world for inspiration. Biodiversity is the key to a thriving ecosystem : the more species there are, the more productive the ecosystem. It is exactly the same with people in the workplace. We recognise each other’s unique identities and strive to generate value for our customers and the company.

Our Diversity & Inclusion strategy was launched to our global leadership in 2016. Our leadership development programme now explores the importance of diversity and we are a committed equal opportunity employer. We have a focus on diversity within the annual talent review process and within the Graduate and Group Development Programmes. In 2017, 70% of our Graduate Programme comprised non-EU/non-US nationals and 60% female talent. In our Group Development Programme, 50% were non EU/non US nationals. We promote events such as International Women’s Day and support flexible working and maternity coaching.


Developing knowledge & skills

At ED&F Man, we are committed to investing in our people. We provide the tools to develop knowledge and skills and the opportunities to gain experience and learn from others on the job.

We have a broad based e-learning curriculum, enabling employees to proactively manage their learning and career development. We strive to support every employee in maximising their abilities and fulfilling their potential. Training topics include management & leadership, personal effectiveness, team development and commercial & technical knowledge.

For graduates and early stage career development, we immerse people in different facets of our businesses so that they develop an in-depth understanding of our end-to-end commercial processes. Training may also include an overseas assignment. By the end of the programme, new recruits will be trading commodities – coffee, sugar, molasses, grains or pulses – or working on a brokerage desk in our financial services division , or contributing to our corporate functions. At ED&F Man, career development never stops and soon it is the trainees who mentor others while continuing to add to their own knowledge and experience.