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ED&F Man in a nutshell

As a global agricultural commodities merchant and financial brokerage, ED&F Man is a truly diverse business. We trade a variety of commodities, including sugar, coffee, molasses, pulses and grains. Our financial brokerage offers a suite of services - such as trade processing, clearing and execution - across a range of asset classes including futures & options, fixed income securities and equities.

Our people are what make us great – we are a mix of 80 nationalities in 60 countries, with a broad set of skills and experience. We are committed to building long-term relationships with customers, producers and the communities in which we work. We manage the whole commodities supply chain, delivering a comprehensive service including sourcing, processing, marketing, distribution and transport, as well as risk management expertise.

We are proud of our 230 year track record and intend to keep making history. To sustain our success, we need the best talent: graduates committed to growing their careers and seasoned professionals who can hit the ground running. We value diverse perspectives and experience, which help to deliver innovation, enhance our service offering and stimulate profitable growth. If you have what it takes, you can write your own history at ED&F Man.

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Coffee is the second most traded commodity on earth, with 2.25 billion cups drunk every day. ED&F Man supplies coffee beans for 50 billion cups a year. Our coffee business, Volcafe, was founded by Volkart Brothers in Switzerland, following coffee’s massive popularity in Europe. Perhaps it also pays homage to the philosopher Voltaire, who reputedly drank 50 cups a day!

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In 1784, ED&F Man secured a contract to supply the Royal Navy with rum for the daily ‘rum tot’. The contract lasted 186 years until 1970. Today, we still sell molasses to make some of the world’s top rum brands.

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The global sweetener market, the bulk of which is sugar, is projected to reach US$96 billion by 2020. ED&F Man sources sugar cane and beet from over 40 producing countries and is also investing in the growing Stevia market with an all-natural product called Unavoo that has the taste and texture of sugar, without the bitter after taste.

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The art of tasting coffee, known as ‘cupping’, is similar to wine tasting and includes slurping. The slurping has two functions: firstly, slurping will spray the coffee into the mouth, making sure it reaches all areas, including the full surface of the tongue. Secondly, slurping mixes oxygen with the coffee, which transports vapours to the nasal membrane. This is the place where we determine the final taste sensation and recognise it as strawberry, chocolate or blackcurrant, for example.